Geography:          Within the Lake Victoria Basin, with an altitude range of 1200 metres to 4321 metres above sea level

Area: 3032.4 Km2
Population 2018: 1,809,310 Male (883,475), Female (925,835)
Economy: Dominated by Agriculture and Micro, small and Medium Scale enterprises
Health: Services mostly provided by level 2 and 3 health facilities
Education: Served by over 1,000 ECDE centres, 90 VTCs, 4 TTIs, 3 KMTCs and Kibabii University
Urbanization: Over 10% of the population live in urban areas with Bungoma, Webuye and Kimilili Towns

leading in density

Security and safety: Adequate network of police stations, police posts and patrol bases

Financial Services: Offered by Banks, Micro-finance institutions and mobile money transfer services

Climate: Experiences two rainy seasons, the long rains – March to July and short rains-August to October.
The annual rainfall – 400mm (lowest) to 1,800mm (highest).  The annual temperature – 0°c and
32°c due to different levels of attitude
Key National Resource: Mt Elgon Forest Reserve and National Park
Key national trunk roads: A104 (webuye- malaba), A1 (webuye-kitale-lokichogio)
Constituencies: 9 (Kanduyi, Bumula, Sirisia, Kabuchai, Mt.Elgon, Webuye East, Webuye West, Tongaren and
Wards: 45 (annex 7)
Village units: 236 (annex 7)

Brief history of the County


Bungoma County Government was established in 2013 as per the Constitution of Kenya 2010 which provides for the two levels of government.


The County historically is inhabited by the Bukusu, Tachoni, Batura, Sabaot, Iteso and other Kenyan communities who reside side by side in peace. The County is generally cosmopolitan and has good representation of both local and foreign expatriates.

Colonial period

Some of the notable achievements attained during this period included: a robust cooperative movement, which was a role model for the country and the railway stations at Webuye, Sudi, Bungoma and Myanga which revolutionized the transport system in the County. Today with devolution, we can built and expand on these developments.