Today the Department of Gender & Youth hosted a Focus Group Discussion for the Sarakasi Series Cast and Crew where they held deliberations on the role of film in culture promotion and creating awareness on sexual & gender based violence.

The meeting brought challenges that content creators face in the production process.

Speaking on behalf of the audio visual producers, Mr. Duncan stated that the department needed to create room for content creators to be ambassador of our culture as well as create awareness on social issues affecting Bungoma residents.

“As creatives, our content speak to issues that affect common Mwananchi from Substance abuse to teenage pregnancies and Female Genital Mutilation. We therefore believe that we need to be factored more in the program so that we may promote our culture but beyond that create employment opportunities cutting across all ages.
On performing arts, Mr. Joel Mukoma, urged the department to ensure they have proper systems and technical teams that ensure the county is in touch with the issues affecting the creative industry and have mechanisms to address the issues raised.
“We appreciate that efforts are being made towards improving engagements us but we urge the county to have us at the table and ensure our representation in the documentation and appreciation of culture. We need social spaces that budding youth can hold practice and create content without worrying about being asked to pay. We need policies and technical working team to ensure that all these is captured in budget and executed to the benefit of Mwananchi. ”

Acknowledging the concerns raised by the creatives Chief Officer of Gender and Culture, Saphia Awil, stated that the Sang’alo Cultural Center was already in place and more was being done to be able to put up all the necessary amenities to ensure that the venue was upto standard.
“Today you have had a chance to visit and Cultural Center and I urge you to utilize this place as much as possible. Let us start engaging on content and how to add value to your various productions but as we look for ways to empower creatives, we urge you to be ambassadors of our culture and make the people know more about Bungoma. ”

Echoing her sentiments Ms. Lorraine, stated that the Kenya RedCross would partner with the department to ensure that a hall for creatives was provided as the department sort a long-term solution.

In attendence were Chief officer Gender & Culture,directors of Gender and social services , Culture & art and Alcohol and licenses.