With police stations at every trading center, security issues are minimum in the county. Over the years the number of security issues have decreased by more than half as of 2019 the county government has put measures to curb insecurity issues the moment they occur. The concept of Nyumba Kumi has been embraced by the whole county and this has reduced cases of assault burglary etc.

Highway patrols are active across the county both day and night and social places are well guarded. When you travel to the county rest assured of your safety.

The county government has made upgrade and establishment of new road networks a priority. Areas that were previously inaccessible can now be accessed with ease. The county government has partnered with national government and other third parties to make sure all roads are accessible. Bumps and speed humps have been erected at known black spots to make sure no further loss of life is encountered by people travelling to and from the county. The roads have been marked to make sure traffic rules are followed.

One of the top priorities in the vision 2030 by the government is affordable health for all. The county government has taken up this mandate to establish additional health facilities and expand existing facilities. As we speak you can access health services that were not available five years ago. We have seen health camps in the county and these have now become a common occurrence. Hospitals are well equipped with medicine and right equipment for right diagnosis.

The county boasts a host of traditional cuisine that are rich in nutrients to make sure the citizens are healthy and to provide enjoyable meals for visitors. We have hotels that can cater for different budgets and food preferences. The meals are affordable and this is the only place you can enjoy kienyeji chicken cooked in a traditional African pot. We also have fast food restaurant cater for all interests. Foodstuffs are also cheap and plenty if you prefer to carry to your destination.

All major banks can be found in the towns of Bungoma, Webuye and Kimilili. In addition micro finance institutions are in abundance and can be used to finance your expenses .Many business allow payment with mobile and debit/credit cards.